Add a WAR (Sexual Abuse) Support Group in Every School

What a great cause. Every school should have some kind of support group implemented to help students affected by rape and abuse. If you also support this cause, just follow the link and like the page. If you would like to start getting things started in your area, just message the page and start collaborating.

“I created this page to start working on getting more awareness and support into schools so that those who have been abused have someone to turn to. It’s a start to making changes in schools where students can find support. I’ve seen a group like this work. And I think we need to multiply what they have done and really help the children affected by rape and sexual abuse.”

Awareness is the biggest tool right now. Although it’s in the first few days of spreading awareness, it is a great start. Next step is a petition and then going into local areas in schools and crisis centers. Sounds very exciting.


2 thoughts on “Add a WAR (Sexual Abuse) Support Group in Every School

    • Thank you Maria for sharing. I am thankful for being here too, although I don’t always know how to express it. A lot has happened since I wrote my last post. I am now stronger than I was and am finding that I can be a healthy person with healthy relationships. That’s all I ever want now.


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