My Rapist Being Charged…

So I don’t want to say too much right now until I find out what happens. But my rapist, who worked in a school, is being charged with inappropriate relations with a student. I will share the link later. Right now, I am trying to contact the authorities involved in her case to FINALLY, after over a decade has passed, to stand up and say this isn’t her first sexual offense. She assaulted me and told me that she, at 12, had relations with a 5 year old boy. I have been a ball of emotions, a wreck, needy and confused, but I need to stand up for all her other victims. I am not sure if I can really do anything but I am gonna try. Been trying to write out my story, so if the police need it, I can get it out. It is very difficult and grueling as I haven’t been able to heal from this assault.

Never thought I would be in a position to do this. This was something I was gonna go to my grave with. None of my family knows, very few friends know, and I am hoping that this will help (not hinder) my recovery. Hope I am strong enough!


4 thoughts on “My Rapist Being Charged…

  1. Wow! Good for you! I hope you are able to find some healing in making the report. If you haven’t been able to heal after all this time, maybe this will be a really good first step. It’s still up to you about whether to tell your family or friends. Police do not make rape/sexual abuse victims’ names public so other people only will know if you tell them yourself. Even in court reports, they can use pseudonyms for victims in records & media do not publish victims names so again, you get to decide who knows.
    I think you are so strong for even considering making a report & for making it through the horrors of her crime and having to carry that with you all these years. It would be really amazingly strong & powerful (& hopefully empowering to you) to help the student out by letting the police & D.A. know that she has done this before, but know that many are standing with you in support of you and your healing regardless of your choice.


  2. Thank you, I did report her abuse to the authorities. It was EXTREMELY difficult but I did it and I haven’t had to tell my family. BUT, it will be coming up in my divorce/custody case, as my ex already brought it up in temporary orders. So I cannot escape it but I can put it off for a little bit longer.


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